An angel in the book of life

wrote down my daughter's birth.

And whispered as she closed the book,

Too beautiful for earth.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Angel Baby Names

Thank you Laura x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Vermont Angels

Thank you Jill x

Monday, 26 July 2010

Another day

It's almost 6 months since you left us Evie May, we miss you so, so much. Life seems surreal now, just breezing through, nothing really matters that much anymore, just feel like I am existing! The reality is that it doesn't feel like 6 months ago sweet pea, it just feels like yesterday since my heart yesterday that I held you in my arms, I long to hold you in my arms again and wish that I could. My heart is broken without you here.

I met a mummy to two angels today. Jenny, she is lovely and told me the story of her twin boys. It's so heartbreaking every time I meet new angel parents, but I am happy that we have found each other, No one else can understand the pain and sorrow and mixture of emotions that we go through. Although we had never even met before, there was no awkwardness or thinking of what to say, unfortunately we know what each other is going through!

I am getting a lot of pictures up here for you precious girl, all in your honour. I have also requested some more, which I can't wait to see! I'm sure they'll all be so perfect just like you.
Love you so much and miss you even more xxxxx

Angel Baby Lake Treasures

Treasure beans

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Evie's name in the sand

This is a picture of Evie's name in the sand, such a lovely tribute, for a perfect baby girl xxx

Thank you Carly x

Feel free to write something on her tribute page x

My letter to Evie May

17th June 2009 was the day we found out that you were growing in mummy’s tummy, you were already 8 weeks old! We were so surprised and very excited that you were in our lives already sweetheart.

9th July 2009 was the first time that we saw you, so perfect on the screen, your little heart beating away. we came away from the scan beaming away & that’s when we told all everyone that you be joining all of our lives. everyone was so happy for us.

9th September 2009 was the second time that we saw you, again so perfect you were & we got to see your face that day to. We could have found out that day whether you were a boy or girl, but we decided to wait for the surprise when you arrived. You were still known as Bubs to us all!

6th February 2010 was the first time that we got to hold you, our beautiful sleeping angel.
We knew that you had left us the day before.
It was such a shock to us all sweetheart, your heartbeat was fine a few hours before.
You where taken so cruelly & unexpectedly from us sweet angel.
You were 41 weeks & 3 days old.
When you were born I asked the midwife whether you were a boy or girl, she told us that you were a beautiful baby girl, Mummy cried & said straight away "thats my Evie" (that was always going to be your name. it was mummy’s favourite name, even though mummy did say she liked daddy’s other choices!)
Daddy chose your middle name, we had three choices Grace, May & Rose.
We had named you Evie May, a perfect name for a perfect angel.
Mummy & Daddy miss you so much darling,
You will never be forgotten sweet Evie May.
All of our love forever