An angel in the book of life

wrote down my daughter's birth.

And whispered as she closed the book,

Too beautiful for earth.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

17 long months

We miss you so much our precious angel, there's not a day that goes by when we don't think of you. Why does the time go so quickly yet the image if you remains the same, you'll always be my baby girl.
I look at your little brother & wonder what you would have been like, what kind of personality you would have had. Some people would say try not to think of the 'what should have beens' but those people have never lost a child, these thoughts are constantly on your mind. We'll never stop thinking about our lost hopes & dreams for you, just the other day I saw a bride on tv, a tear came to my eyes as I thought of what i'll miss out on with you :(

I'm so, so grateful to have your baby brother safe & well here with us, he's been with us 1 month tomorrow, time has gone so quickly & he has changed so much. But you'll know that because I know you watch over him.
You're always in our thoughts & hearts Evie, lots & lots of love & floaty kisses to you xxxx